For over 15 rewarding years Louis D’Arienzo has had the pleasure
and honour of designing footwear for global luxury fashion brands from
Gucci and Jimmy Choo to Berluti and Ermenegildo Zegna.
A career change in 2007 brought him to designing aircraft interiors for
private clients returning to shoe design after this creatively renewing

Having been part of these visionary design and marketing teams has
influenced Louis to be a better and more conscientious designer with a well
honed understanding of what inspires and drives choice.

His first hand knowledge of product development has revealed areas where
we can improve our design practice with the planet and our future in mind.

His unisex seasonless designs are simple and flattering with attention to crafted detail
referencing a multi-culti tribe. A well heeled traveler and urban nomad, Louis
has called New York, London, Amsterdam and Paris home.
He dreams of adding Ibiza to that list.

Louis D'Arienzo with his niece Francesca and nephew Luca.

Louis with his niece Francesca and nephew Luca.


I trust in authenticity.
I insist on getting lost in the process.
I like overlapping cultural identity.
I’m more interested in your story.
I appreciate consideration in a chaotic world.
I think inclusive is more powerful than exclusive.
I advocate making better choices for the sake of our planet.
I always enjoy the journey.
I believe handsome is a state of mind, but a beautiful shoe helps.


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